Don’t use UPS

I am very frustrated and angry with UPS. First off, they reported that they left an expensive package at my front door. It wasn’t there. I live in an apartment building. The package mysteriously showed up ONE MONTH AFTER THE “DELIVERED ON” DATE. What happened to getting a signature?

They often do not buzz or even knock, they often will just place the delivery notice at the front door without even trying.

The worst part is the brokerage fees. You order a package, pay for it, AND shipping, but then when the delivery person comes, you must pay a fee approaching %50 of what you paid for the item, or the driver won’t give it to you. The driver asked for credit card payment last time, and I gave it to them. I later received an automated phone call informing me that my payment was past due and they were going to send it to collections. I had no idea, because I thought it was paid for. Why did I give my credit card information if they weren’t going to charge it? Also, there’s the issue that about two weeks after the driver took my credit card information, I was informed that my credit card had been used fraudulently. Perhaps this is just a very unfortunate coincidence. Unfortunate for UPS, because the timing is very bad. I don’t use my credit card for months and months at a time, so it just looks suspicious as hell.

Now I’m here on my day off waiting for another delivery attempt. I already know I will have to pay brokerage fees. Will they actually charge my card this time, or will they send me threatening phone calls? Will I need to get a new credit card in the near future, again?

Can I ever trust them to deliver a package safely and on time? No.

I will never EVER again use UPS delivery service, and I hope that you heed my words and avoid them as well.

Here is some information on brokerage fees and the stupid way that UPS tries to scam people:

How has your experience with UPS been? Let me know in the comments. Maybe I’m way off base and having a lot of bad luck, but after my experiences I can’t give them any more of my hard-earned money.

EDIT: UPS itself says that brokerage is FREE*

* unless it’s complicated. Like, you know, a box. Boxes are so complicated. Apparently every box I order is complicated. Even if my package was sent by UPS Standard, the amount they are demanding for fees would only be right if the package were worth more than $500, which it isn’t.

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