Recent print results


Still working on retraction and other slicing settings.. The blue is glow-in-the-dark PLA, the grey is “silver” ABS (it looks more silver in person).

Currently, there are heat problems with ABS prints involving overhangs. The thinner, overhanging parts cool faster and curl upwards. This can impact the head and dislodge the print from the bed, which is a fatal (to the print!) error.

I also have some blobs of ABS in places. There is no stringing, like with the PLA, but in the same places where it would occur I instead get a blob. This might be due to the filament width setting.

Also, the points of the cube came out poorly. At this point, I was using a retraction setting of 1mm, with 0 extra length on restart. Every time it retracted, it took a bit to get started again, so it had no filament ready to deposit on the small area of the tip. I will have to experiment.

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