Modified Mini-fridge kegerator


I bought this fridge for what I consider a bargain from a co-worker, with the intent of doing something beer-related with it. However, it has been very difficult to modify it. First, I had to cut off the door insert, which was just taking up space. I made the mistake of unscrewing the door insert from the door, however.. I should have just cut it out as it was! When trying to put the frame and seal back on the door I had to use silicone sealant to attach the seal to the frame and then create new screw holes.

After all of that trouble I still couldn’t fit the keg into the fridge once the air and beer fittings were attached. I had to cut a piece of the plastic out of the base and then chip away at the insulation until it would fit.

Worst part is: I don’t think there’s any way I can fit two kegs in here with any amount of modification. Oh well.

I haven’t attached the tap to anywhere, yet. I might want it to come out the door, or maybe out the top when I get a better tap. I’d rather wait and see before cutting any holes in the exterior.

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