MendelMax update

I have replaced *ALL* of the printed parts for the MendelMax I once showed here. Since then I’ve also procured all the “exotic” fasteners (and by exotic I apparently mean metric) and metal rods.

It’s still a long way from being complete. I need to decide which electronics to buy. I need to choose a power supply (or settle for one of the awkward-format overkill ones I already have). I need to select a hot end. On top of all that, I am still not satisfied with some parts like the X-carriage ends and I want to redesign them, which requires higher proficiency with OpenSCAD. I have competing priorities.

wpid-img_20140516_080510.jpg wpid-img_20140516_103826.jpg wpid-img_20140516_103658.jpg

More to come.

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